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  • Gary Mauney

Americans Deserve a Fair Tax System

We should all be paying our fair share of taxes. But that is not happening due to bad-faith loopholes in the U.S. tax code; inadequate IRS resources (which prevent the government from detecting high-end tax cheating and keep them from doing anything about it); and the failure of the U.S Congress to take any meaningful action to stop it.

Something is very wrong with our tax system when working people pay more taxes than billionaires. But that is what is happening in the United States. Don't believe it? Well ProPublica, a major news organization, landed a secret trove of IRS files that show how billionaires in the United States are paying zero or next to zero in taxes.

Meanwhile, working Americans pay their taxes to make sure we keep the greatest country in the world up and running. Tell your member of Congress that something must change. This is not a matter of Republican or Democrat. It is a matter of fundamental fairness and the health of our country


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